I have recently been diagnosed with CTS

Question: I have recently been diagnosed with CTS in my mouse hand. My GP dived straight in with a Steroid injection, which was very painful and does not appear to have helped. Talk is now of a release operation, I have heard of CTS being muted as an industrial injury and am unsure if there is an official procedure about informing ones employers.

Except of course by virtue of one’s Sick Certification I am gleaning all the information that I can but I am concerned about my employment position if this pain continues, as it stands it affects the quality and quantity of work output and I may not feel able to continue in my current position for much longer

Answer: Contact RSI Association who will be able to issue information regarding employment and other resources for CTS. I am a “newly diagnosed” sufferer – together with other related arm problems. I had to give up new job because of it, currently investigating procedures etc. So we should keep in touch with updates on progress.

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