I wondered if anyone had any tips in the meantime

Question: I wanted to ask the advice of people who are having to deal with this very serious problem. I know you may not be doctors but I wondered if you recognize any of my symptoms. For the last 5 years or so I have noticed that my grip is not a strong as it could be. Then about 3 years ago I noticed that my left elbow was really sore if I lent on it. I just presumed it was too much leaning on tables writing essays at Uni etc.

For a couple of years, very intermittently but getting more frequent I  have had a sort of aching in my left wrist/heel of hand area and then on  Monday I started with aches in my upper left arm and tingling down the side of my little finger in my left hand.I also sometimes get pain under my left collar bone and had a serious problem with my neck 4 months ago. Having surfed the net about RSI I have made a doctor’s appointment for Thursday this week as I couldn’t believe how many of the symptoms I thought I had. I actually live in Germany and for the most part the doctors out here seem to accept RSI much more than in the UK.

However, I wondered if anyone had any tips in the meantime as to how to keep it from getting any worse, short of having time off. it isn’t as bad but it is starting to ache a lot  more frequently and I am taking steps to sort it out before it gets to the  stage my sister’s did – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…..not very nice at all.Anyway, if anyone has any tips I would more than grateful. I would also like to say how sorry I am for those of you who have not been receiving the support and treatment you need and deserve.

I think it’s disgraceful and have to say that considering the majority of admin work is carried out by females, it’s the least our male employers can do to take it seriously. Because God forbid they do any typing or copying themselves!!

Answer: I am sorry to say that your symptoms sound very similar. The main thing is that you ask your Doctor to refer you to an RSI specialist if possible. At least someone who believes it exists and is interested in trying to cure you. I started with pain in my right hand and elbow [as if you had knocked your funny bone].I was sent for physio which helped a little, until she tried an exploratory pull to the neck. Since then I have had pain in my neck and more. I am told that the pull aggravated the problem so don’t let anyone try this.

Sometimes I feel like a hypochondriac , it even affects the nerves in  my scalp and mouth. One important lesson I learnt was not to stop moving because it hurts, I seized up so bad that it took months of careful exercises to make me mobile again. I also found walking a good form of exercise, the faster the better. For some reason it tends to relax my upper body. Best of luck and I would be interested to hear how you get on.

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