I work for myself so I can pace myself

In some ways I’m lucky because I work for myself so I can pace myself. If my hands hurt, I stop work and come back to it in the evening, maybe going for a work or cycle ride =AD I’m a great believer in exercise, not only does it get your body in good shape, it relieves stress.
In other ways, though, I’m unlucky as I can’t blame anyone but myself for the problem. And, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Indeed, I do think that this is a good incentive to fight RSI =AD I’ve no one to sue!
Deadlines (and I have plenty of them!) I handle by careful planning (using organizer software) to minimize panics. It works most of the time! If things get out of control, my wife and daughter go off to the in laws for a weekend to give me two days solid work without the interruption of the phone.

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