Has anybody any idea what this is supposed to mean?

Question: I’d just like to recommend “Coping successfully with RSI” by Black and Grey. I bought it (click!) almost as soon as it was mentioned here. There are two of us with RSI chez moi, and we both are finding it extremely helpful. Its not as potentially alarming as Pascarelli and Quilter, and as a bonus is a UK-aware book, unlike P+Q (Worker’s what?). Its now a core book in my small but growing rehabilitation library. Well worth 6 quid.

Speaking of P+Q, on one page (book not with me now sorry), towards the back but on the first page of the chapter, there’s a subheading “R-with-a-slash-through-its-tail for RSI”. This is obviously supposed to convey something but doesn’t to me. It’s been bugging(*) me for weeks. Has anybody any idea what this is supposed to mean?

Answer 1: It’s R for “recipe”, which is Latin for “take”. Because prescriptions always started with “recipe”, it became the abbreviation for “prescription”.  Americans also use “dx” for “diagnosis”.

Answer 2: I believe also … sx = symptoms and tx = treatment

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