Injured fired and left on the scrapheap

Question: Does anyone think it would helpful to contact a consumer program, watchdog etc to highlight this growing trend of disable them and sack me attitude some employers seem to have adopted. May be we should name them and shame them and help to prevent this happening to other people. I would hate to see this happen to my child or anyone else.

Answer 1: Most definitely. Anything we can do to raise awareness. Gets the Government to comment on what they are (or rather are not) doing about it too?

Answer 2: Yes I am in full agreement to contact Watchdog. I am particularly concerned after reading about teenagers suffering RSI problems – such a young age to have this condition – for life. I think there should be a health warning on the dangers of continual computer use that the slightest ache should be investigated by employer’s Drs and that they should be accountable for RSI problems.

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