Back Injuries

Question: Does anyone know what the words MECHANICAL BACK PAIN really mean, or is this just another group of words to baffle us even more, also are people with disabilities nocturnal?

Answer 1: I assume mechanical back pain would apply to pain felt as a result of movement or moving parts. Mechanical generally makes you think of cogs and wheels made of metal etc., but think of your spine as a machine, made of vertebrae and discs between. Each vertebra not only communicates with the discs above and below it, but with left and right facet joints for each vertebra above and below. There are quite a few moving parts and joints that can give problems – we have 33 vertebrae, remember. In this context, I therefore think that mechanical pain is being differentiated from constant pain, which is their whether you sit/stand/lie/move/keep still or put your head in an acid bath!

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