I am interested to know from all the voice users, what kind of speed/accuracy you can achieve

Question: I am interested to know from all the voice users, what kind of speed/accuracy you can achieve. Do you have your own offices to work in, or are people tolerant of you talking to your computer? (ha ha and does it answer back-no no don’t answer that!)

Answer 1: 2-4 times slower than typing (even slower in editing tasks) recognition rate 75-90%  doable for most for about 2 hours a day without getting voice strain very annoying for others, reasaonably tolerant for noise

Answer 2: I love it; could not have kept my job without it. I have had RSI since April 1992. I write and edit lengthy disability reports with Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional and also use the Naturally Mobile recorder. I don’t share an office. I sip warm/hot water throughout the day. This seems to prevent me from getting voice strain 90% of the time. This is pretty good because I use the telephone a lot and see students frequently. All of this involves me in lots of voice use throughout every day.

Having been accustomed to the discrete speech Dragon Dictate I’m very used to correcting myself fairly often. I therefore find my correction levels, i.e. my need to correct getting lower and lower daily as my recognition levels are very high. Again, although my hands and arms have been getting worse in the last year, I have very rarely found it necessary to use Dragon Dictate 3. NaturallySpeaking has been adequate for most of my needs most of the time.  I have just dictated, directly into Eudora Pro, with few errors.

When errors have occurred the correct version of what I said has usually in choice two through choice four. I’m now getting the same sort of statistics (when I actually bother to think of stats) with the mobile recorder. Following earlier suggestions I speak into the recorder, Without using a microphone attachment, keeping the built-in microphone near the corner of my mouth. I use the Phillips Speech Mike at home and in the VXi Gold mike which came with Naturally Speaking. I’m even using the PCI SoundBlaster Audio 64 on-motherboard sound chip. Maybe I’m just lucky!

Answer 3: I’ve had RSI since 1992. I’ve only had Voice rec products since 1994, not 1992, DD pre-Windows, when it cost @1000UKP & needed the IBM sound card! I can produce work much more rapidly by voice than by typing (not to mention less painfully).  As Judy stated, using the Vocabulary Builder is extremely important. I haven’t timed the amount of training as it’s done “along the way”, to correct frequently used phrases when misrecognized. I actually found recognition to be very good after 40min initial training & running the Vocabulary Builder! I have a deep voice, which also seems to make a difference.

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