Is anybody aware of any links between whip lash injuries and RSI?

Question: Is anybody aware of any links between whip lash injuries and RSI?

Answer 1: All I can say that at present I am suffering from whiplash as a result of a car accident last week. Guy went into the back of me. My symptoms feel very similar to those that I have with my cervical spondylosis. Now back to square one again, a lot of work to do with the osteopath – pain is a killer.

Answer 2: When I went to see an osteo he said that my rsi was possibly caused by a whip lash injury I had received a few years previously – but I didn’t really believe the osteo as he was paid for by my company – but it’s an interesting theory.

Answer 3: It’s just occurred to me that when I went to see my physio (private not the NHS disaster!) he also asked if I’d had whiplash (not to my knowledge) as he thought something in my problems was very similar to the symptoms of such (I don’t remember what). This was also to do with the severe headaches that I was getting – he’s seen that with whiplash too – and I know now that they are very much connected to or caused by with tightness in my upper back/shoulders and neck caused by posture and computer use.

No-one’s ever suggested that my problems are cervical (neck spinal) and they seem to be more muscular strain/damage these days, but it’s all very closely connected around there isn’t it, and a very highly innervated area.  Then again, I don’t see why it’s so strange – the only difference is that whiplash is a violent swift movement causing an injury whereas we might well be putting ourselves through the same actual movements/stains/un-natural positions (head bend over keyboard/desk or craning forward to peer at screen or whatever) but doing it slowly and causing the same or similar type of damage over a long period of time instead.

Makes sense in a layman’s view though I have to admit that I don’t know exactly what whiplash is from a physiological point of view.

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