Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome a Hoax or not?

Question: Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome A Hoax – see this article?

Answer 1: If this doctor is right then it means we will all get a new trendy illness and miraculously get recover from RSI in the near future. If only this were true.

Answer 2: The problem I always have with these ‘all in your mind’ explanations is that I think it is a mistake to misinterpret recovery from RSI as it having been caused by psychological rather than physical conditions. My own RSI was certainly not caused by my mind or by ‘mass hysteria’. And my recovery had nothing to do with the hysteria going away. It was actually quite hard work, and still is. I wouldn’t really say I’ve recovered. I’ve got my RSI under control and I’ve come a long way from the constant pain and burning in my wrist. I’ve achieved this improvement through watching my diet, improving my posture, daily exercises, ergonomic equipment, using both hands, the right chair and an understanding employer (I’m lucky and demanding)
ok, so let’s say, they are right and it’s all in our heads, how about we start hassling our employers and society at large to change the all things that make our minds and our psyche ill. let’s lobby for shorter working hours, less workload (so for once we could do our jobs right), more holidays, more support, more participation, and while we’re at it let’s get rid of inequality and peer pressure, hierarchies and manipulation, let’s change society!

Answer 3: I read it. Huh? Where is this man from? For a start, he was mainly talking about CTS & only briefly mentioned tendonitis. In the UK CTS is not designated as an industrial injury (therefore, I presume, cannot be completely included as an RSI diagnosis). However, as everyone here knows, RSI is extremely complex & does not “go away” unless caught in the early stages & great care taken thereafter! Oh, don’t people like these “so-called” experts make you mad! Very disgruntled person in pain all day from head, shoulders & back condition seems to be setting worse even though I’m not working!

Answer 4: Quite agree, also didn’t like the insinuation in that article that RSI sufferers are just trying to get time of work for no good reason. One thing is clear from this list that most of us don’t want to stop working and have often got RSI badly because we refused to give in to it in the beginning. Still glad I work in UK and not USA, because it sounds like Bush is doing any with the need for employers to provide the necessary protective equipment. As obviously the cost of protecting employers reduces company profits and shareholder returns, without taking into account the value of employee retention and experience. (But then again not many UK employers really value their employees, as can be seen from the lack of support many of have experienced). I wonder if this research will be used against those of us thinking of entering into the legal cases with our RSI…

Answer 5: The article you refer to (www.nationalpost … etc) seems to equate repetitive stress/strain injury with carpal tunnel syndrome. My understanding of the group of work related upper limb disorders (WRULDS) is that carpal tunnel syndrome is actually relatively rare. but often misdiagnosed. The article itself appears mis-informed and a little biased also. So I wonder whether any of the doctor’s comments or quotes has been taken out of context.
Also, the evidence that suggests that the removal of compensation as in Australia’s case, in my opinion, has little bearing on whether the problem still exists just on whether it is accurately reported. People, being highly adaptive, will always find work-around and alternative work.
The medical profession does itself great disservice by discounting various medical phenomena such as ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and RSI –without addressing solutions to the problem.
I doubt as to whether anybody tuned in to this list really cares whether RSI is a psychological or physical problem — they just need to know how to fix it.
Does anybody have any statistics on the number of research programs currently in progress relating to solutions for RSI globally?
Clearly much research some of which is probably funded by “business groups” and the Bush Administration is being conducted into why RSI doesn’t exist. The naivety of both of these groups is not just limited to RSI, though think climate changes and global warming.

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