Is Tennis elbow a tendon/ligament problem?

I had pretty acute tennis elbow a couple of months ago – or at least that’s what the orthopedic consultant diagnosed. My physio disagrees, however; she reckons it’s a ligament problem. Either way, I’ve got problems in my right elbow/forearm – probably a combination of tendon and ligaments.

Comment 1: Isn’t tennis elbow the name given to a tendon/ligament problem in the elbow? As it happens, a physio I went to see said I had torn tendon/ligament problems in my wrists/lower-arm. I did have the injections but because of my continuous long drive to work the problem continued, although less severe.

Comment 2: Perhaps my physio is being pedantic, but she views tennis elbow as tendon or tendon sheath damage stemming from the lateral condoyle. She reckoned that in my case, the ligament holding the radius bone to the humerus (or does it attach to the ulna?) is stressed/damaged and in her opinion, this is not tennis elbow. As I say, perhaps she is being pedantic, since the treatment is pretty much the same in either case.

Comment 3: This is about elbows rather than wrists. I have various elbow pains ranging from a “toothache”-like pain which is with me most of the time whether I am doing anything or not to a sharp pain on movement, lifting etc. I have tried ice, rest, acupuncture, exercises etc. I have been helped by the exercises given me by a physiotherapist. I would be interested in hearing from anyone else who has anything similar.

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