Is This Normal?

Question: Since my husband has been off work and resting his hands he has experienced= =20a LOT more pain=2E. Is this normal?

Answer: It is not unusual for the pain from RSI to get worse when you stop using your arms. Just the normal movement of your arms keeps the muscles/tendons/nerves ‘lubricated’ and sliding easily against each other. When you rest your arms, any part of them that has a problem will no longer be getting the gentle work-out it requires to keep it functioning normally.

Any sort of complete rest will make your body ache (remember the last time you had a bad cold? you stay in bed all week and your legs ache.) A lot of people with RSI find a brisk walk helps (keep hands in pockets to take the weight off them) as it increases the blood flow, endorphins etc. This reduces the pain and gives you something to do.

If you do not have an appointment with the physio soon (i.e. beginning of next week at the latest) then get back to your GP and find a good private physio who knows about RSI. Pay for one session at least It’s worth it. They will be able to see you immediately and keep your husband going until he can see an NHS physio.

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