I’ve just been diagnosed as suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Question: I’ve just been diagnosed as suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome after suffering problems with my hands/wrists for the last year. Surgery has been recommended to deal with this. Does anybody have any comments on the potential pitfalls surrounding surgery and whether I can expect a full recovery or recurrence of problems?

Also, in the meantime is there anything apart from the obvious suggestions (splints at night etc.) I can do to minimize the effects of CTS? I’ve read so many websites/information on the subject over the past few days I’m now quite confused, so personal recommendations would be much appreciated. 🙂

Answer 1: I also am waiting for this op on both hands. I know many people who have had it done, most seem very happy. I do know one person who is unhappy as he is unable to put any heavy pressure on the scar (which is something he needs to do due to his hobby) after approx 5 years.

Answer 2: I had both wrists operated on approximately 12 years ago with tremendous success. I had been advised before the operation to use some exercise grips to strengthen up my wrists, I think this really helped as within six weeks I was back at my work as a joiner. The scarring on my hands was really bad, the incision in the palms looked as if it hadn’t been stitched at all, but this was simply because of the hard skin and soon healed to becoming almost invisible.

But sadly after about three years the symptoms started to re-appear, very slowly at first but eventually becoming much worse than ever before, most of the information that I have acquired via I the internet books and magazines give the operation a very high success rates. But several reports that I have read state that the operation will only be a long-term success if the patient does not return to what caused the carpal tunnel in the first place.

The surgeon who carried out the first operation does not seem to think that a second operation would be successful, and has now referred me on to a neurologist’s, if anyone has had similar trouble or even a second operation I would be grateful for their opinions. As I cannot type any errors can be blamed on ViaVoice

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