I’ve yet to try voice recognition software

Question: I’ve yet to try voice recognition software .. I’m looking forward to keyboards being replaced by or … accompanied with voice, mind you my throat might get rsi hahaha .. then I’ll be a mute cripple hahahahahha,then I’ll wait for thought recognition software

Answer 1: There is nothing funny about vocal strain from using voice recognition software. It can be quite devastating, even more so than RSI and recovery is a very long, difficult process, if you are lucky enough to find someone to treat it. I know at least four people, who have lost their voices to voice recognition software. As one friend told me, “If you think life is difficult without your hands, imagine it without your hands or your voice.” This friend was unable to communicate. I also recently had the opportunity to meet a student from Norway, who suffered vocal strain from voice recognition.

He had to come to Canada to get help because no one else knew how to help him (you think getting help for RSI is hard). At home, he had been told he had a psychiatric disorder. Unfortunately, the little speaking he did his first week here, further strained his voice and he had to return home. Had he stayed, he would have been left in a foreign city, unable to communicate. Another person I know, who also suffered from vocal damage from VR, said that he used to completely avoid social situations, even crossing the street when he saw someone he knew because he couldn’t even say hello.  So, please don’t joke about this. Think about how you feel when people make fun of RSI.


Answer 2: After three years of serious RSI problems I’ve decided to buy a voice recognition program. Who can help me out? I’ve read some reviews about the programs available, but i don’t know, it was all quite technical. I would like to hear from those who are really working with voice rec.  Are there any Dutch subscribed to this newsgroup? I would like to know if this “Dragon”- program is available in Dutch. It’s all quite difficult for me to find out, as I’m working at this moment in Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Answer 3: One of the voice software e-mail lists has a Dutch member. He uses Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dutch — yes, it exists! I’ll see if I can get hold of his e-mail address, if so, I’ll send it on. He would know whether IBM’s software is also available in Dutch — I assume it is. Phillips Free Speech 2000 will be.  There are more details at http://www.dragonsys.com/products and http://www.software.ibm.com. There are non-commercial home pages too, but the makers’ ones give information on how/where to obtain

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