I am a journalist and could no longer type or do anything at all for myself

Question: I have just joined the list and am hoping to pick the brains of the people on this list as I am at my wits end with whatever is wrong with me.

Briefly in Feb. last year I started waking at night with numbness and tingling in both hands having had no physical problems whatsoever. within 10 days I woke to crippling pain in both hands and my left arm and remained that way with absolutely no let up or respite for seven months. I was diagnosed ( I was in the US) with Cumulative Trauma Disorder, splinted from shoulders to fingers and had to return home to the UK totally disabled as I am a journalist and could no longer type or do anything at all for myself

Because I knew of the RSI controversy in the UK I went for treatment direct to a chiropractor. who discovered injuries to my neck, back, pelvis and collar bone consistent with whiplash and the seatbelt coming across my chest and hips. I had had what I had thought to be a minor car accident a couple of days before the numbness and had no idea I had been injured.

A couple of crunches to my neck did indeed relieve the permanent teeth grinding nerve pain that had been present constantly in both my hands for eight months by this point and I was delighted that they had at last appeared to have found the cause of the problem.

Alas three months on from this, I am still in severe pain in my neck and shoulders and can feel both the ulnar and median nerves being trapped through the shoulder and where my arms join on.  I am in despair as my chiropractor doesn’t seem to be hearing what I’m saying or understand adverse nerve tension which is clearly what I have – no matter what caused it, I think it boils down to the same end problem.

 Firstly. Maybe some of you should consider getting your neck checked because if the nerves are trapped at the root in the cervical spine, the problems may vanish with just a couple of treatments. My chiropractor advised me that poor posture can do the same thing as a whiplash in that respect!!   Secondly, I desperately need to find a physio, chiro, shiatsu practitioner (anyone who has helped or cured anyone on this list) in the London area so that I can get this fixed and get on with my life.

If anyone can offer any advice at all as I’m at my wits’ end with it and want to resolve it as soon as I can. I am planning to try to return to work in London at the end of this month so I want to get a team of therapists lined up down there. Please excuse the poor typing – I’m sure you understand.  Many thanks for your time

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