What is the best mouth-operated “mouse” ? I am a journalist and I have repetitive stress injury

Question:  What is the best mouth-operated “mouse” ? I am a journalist and I have  repetitive stress injury and I too, am trying to operate virtually hands-free,  even though that’s not really possible in my profession.    I also have another question  if you don’t want to hold a pen (because of  pain) and you absolutely have to write something down, (I can’t always tape  recording every source because they may not consent to it, and I’m not always  around my computer when I am reporting to use Dragon)  so, are there any  mechanisms out of there that somehow will allow you to handwrite?

(I do have a  good memory, but it’s not that good!) I have heard of software that allows the  user to write with a stylus on the touchpad, and that will turn it into text   but what if you can’t really hold a stylus/pen  in my case, about 30  percent of the time when I am experiencing pain. I can write with my left  hand a little bit, so I can switch back and forth  but there has to be a  better way. I wonder if anybody knows if there are any alternatives out there.

Answer: I had problems handwriting too and I had to adapt my writing. here are some no-tech suggestions  i found,:  the fatter the pen the better – put tape or elastoplasts around to add thickness. I searched in vain in the shops for suitable grips, even tried “hair care” products but hair-roller technology has moved on.  Write “loose” – use flowing handwriting-type pens – I found a Zebra 0.7 mm roller ball for £2 with which the handwriting was easier. The natural size of the writing is bigger so I’m tempted to get a bigger filofax.  Use abbreviations and hieroglyphics (meaningful of course) – these can reduce the nib-time.

People that I know have taught themselves to write with their other hand – It can be done but don’t expect to win calligraphy awards.  A mad suggestion – use a small (A3 size) whiteboard and a big fat marker to jot notes, and then photocopy to A4 when it gets “full”. Maybe OHP blanks as refills for when you’re on the road?

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