Keyboard shortcuts

Question: Does anyone know of a quick shortcut for the Win95 minimize all windows”command?

Answer: If you have the M$ Natural keyboard, then Windows Key-M works.

Question: How do you use the 3 symbols on the top right of applications and files on a pc – the X, -, and squares to make the view larger or smaller?

Answer: Here are a few references which I had from someone who posted earlier on the list.  Don’t know if this is of any use: In Computer active 8-21 March, there is a middle 4 page section of keyboard shortcuts for Netscape Navigator 6 & Internet Explorer 5.5.

Question: Computer active also issued, some time ago, cards to fit on the keyboard giving shortcuts for a variety of packages, eg. M.Soft Works, Windows 95/98, Outlook Express, etc. Maybe, if they were contacted, these are still available?

Answer: Everyone is different PS: Not long till British Summer Time begins – 25th March!!! 🙂

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