Lack of knowledge of RSI

Question: I suffer from tenosynovitis & CTS (one in each wrist) and have been signed off work on & off since March – I’ve only actually been at work 4 weeks since March. However I’d second what Judy has said about PACT – they are currently in the process of getting me voice recognition for work. Because all the companies computers have to be modified to support the software it looks like I won’t be able to return to work till September.
A lot of the problems I’ve had from work are due to the fact of my employer’s lack of knowledge about RSI and their time delays in getting the internal assessments they require to be done. However, they contacted PACT at the start of this month & now stuff is getting done.
Bearing this in mind & on reflection I wish I’d got PACT involved myself sooner & been more forceful in ensuring my employers dealt with the matter as a priority as oppose to a problem that was pushed between departments. It is an employer’s problem & they need to be made aware that they have to deal with it!
Good luck with all & I hope your mobility returns so

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