Lack of sleep and RSI

“Recently I gave up overeating. Really it was precipitated by finding out I was intolerant to wheat, dairy, sugar and a few other things. Not overeating and fasting every other Sunday (for spiritual reasons) has made available a whole layer of feelings which must have been submerged. Although because my workload has not been huge these last few weeks, this has not reflected my RSI but it has affected my sleep. I keep waking up restless and wound up. The lack of sleep will of course make the RSI worse when the work-load increases.”

Comment: I know what you mean, as I have had sleep problems since I fell – my head feels edgy, often and RSI interacts with that, and when there’s work overload too. I am sorry to suggest relaxation/meditation again, but it can work wonders. Actually being taught it can be expensive and I’d suggest getting a book on different methods, or maybe “visualization” audio tapes. The tapes don’t relax people who’ve learned the techniques as much as the techniques alone do, but if you haven’t learned the others, they might well. *Never* play the tapes in a car (well, some people do) or anywhere where you need to be alert!

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