Does anyone know if long term RSI could cause these symptoms?

Question: Does anyone know if long term RSI could cause these symptoms? I have  had RSI since 1985.

Day 1: 6am woke up with itchy lumps on back of neck 7am unable to move left thumb 10am movement restriction extended to left thumb & forefinger 3pm swelling extreme in both hands and arms with the tips of  fingers turning purple and rash appearing on arms 5:30pm hospital blood etc found in Urine 8:30pm swelling and rash appears on feet

Day 2: Swelling and rash appearing over whole of body, lethargic days 3 same

Day 4: Began Cortizone treatment

Day 7: My symptoms gone Treatment has reduced swelling in hands to pre  RSI days.

Answer 1: I would think it’s highly unlikely that RSI would cause these  symptoms. It sounds like you had some sort of infection or other  inflammation, and that this triggered off some RSI-like symptoms – as  any stressor might tend to do. Suggest you check it with a sympathetic  doctor

Answer 2: Your symptoms sound really unpleasant! I think it is unlikely they are anything to do with your RSI, more like an acute infection or immune system response to an insect bite. Your doctor will be better able to advise you on this. The only part that might have an RSI component is the problem you had with your thumb/fore finger. If you are on a high dose of cortisone then it will reduce any swelling in the body, including that due to RSI. Don’t be surprised if the RSI based swelling re-appears when you stop taking the cortisone.

On your previous posting about giving up driving…  I asked the person who runs the local RSI support group about RSI sufferers having to give up driving. Most people give up voluntarily as it just makes their symptoms too bad. She however had been advised that her grip was not strong enough to drive and would have to stop. She had already given up by that point anyway.

After about a year she was told her grip was strong enough to drive again, but she did not start again as driving still made her symptoms too bad. I guess she should have informed the licensing centre, but then you would have to be tested to prove you are fit to drive. As a lot of medical people and insurers refuse to believe RSI exists how can you test a condition that does not exist?

Having said that people who are disabled still manage to drive adapted cars, some people use a joystick device to control the car, so it is possible to drive even if your strength is greatly reduced.

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