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I’m new to this list and could do with some advice. I work in publishing and therefore use the industry standard Macintosh. For the last four years I have suffered from pains in my wrists, lower arms and fingers. Various specialists have been unable to diagnose the problem. Acupuncture has been no help, although physiotherapy has. I now do regular exercises which keep the problem manageable. My posture and desk layout is sorted. What surprises me is the lack of help for Mac users. Surely RSI is a major problem in the publishing world? Yet most software/hardware aids are for the PC platform.

I have recently tried a Maltron keyboard. Although the ergonomic design helped, the keyboard was simply not fully compatible with my computer. Certain keys did not type the correct characters and the control key would ‘stick’ from time to time, necessitating a restart. I have gone back to my Apple split keyboard, which is of some help. My final hope is voice recognition software. Here the best option appears to be Naturally Speaking, but this is only for the PC. Does anyone know if a Mac version is planned? Dragon has not replied to my emails. The only VR software I have found for the Mac is Power Secretary, which is much more expensive than the equivalent Dragon Dictate. Is it worth it? Are there alternatives? I have noticed that Power Secretary is much cheaper in the USA. Any comments on shipping it over? Oh, and no I don’t want to buy a PC. Not only will it be incompatible with other companies I work with, I don’t like Windoze. I hope someone can help. If I’ve gone over old ground, I apologise.

Comment 1: Have you tried talking to Maltron, I remember someone on this news group saying that they got their Maltron keyboard customised for their requirements. Perhaps they could do the same for you.

Comment 2: No one had the answer to my last post, so I made other enquiries. The answer is that PS will not be compatible with OS8, but an upgrade (25UKP) will be available within a month of the new system shipping. Also, it is expected that Naturally Speaking will be developed for the Mac and be available in about a year. PS users should be offered a favourable upgrade deal. BTW, if you’re a Windoze user, you should also be able to upgrade from Dragon Dictate to Naturally Speaking for a reduced price.

Comment 3: Thanks for the posting on PS. It would be good to stay in touch because your needs may be similar to my partner who is using PS for graphic design.

Comment 4: I have control key sticking (i.e. going into ‘Ctrl Lock’ spontaneously) from time to time with my Maltron, on two PCs but not on a third. The cure for me is to tap each control key a few times – seems to reset it. Ditto for shift lock and caps lock. I also had my key mappings customised by Maltron somewhat. You may find third party key remapping software for the Mac will do this – check the Typing Injury FAQ for details. Maltron sent me a new keyboard chip but this did not solve the problem. FWIW I have had this problem very occasionally with flat keyboards. There is a voice users email list – ask on there for Mac info. See the RSI-UK URL below for details of this and the FAQ.

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