Macs & ergonomic keyboards

Question:  I’ve been agitating on behalf of my university department library for ergonomic keyboards. The library has Macs rather than PCs and the head librarian has been told that Mac don’t sell ergonomic keyboards in the UK which seems rather surprising. So does anyone know of where Mac ergonomic keyboards can be obtained in the UK, or is the librarian right? Any ideas/ solutions greatly appreciated.

Answer: I used to swear by the Apple Adjustable keyboard, but they don’t make them any more. If you have a recent Mac that uses USB, then you can use any PC keyboard that has a USB connection – like the Microsoft ergonomic keyboard. Microsoft provides a driver for the Mac somewhere on their web site. If your Mac doesn’t have USB you can get cards from most computer outlets (MacWarehouse, PC World) and it should work fine (does on my beige G3 with MacOS 9). If you can’t find a keyboard you like with USB, you can get PS/2 to USB adaptors. I found some in the US from the Silicon Bus Co (not sure about name – it’s something like that). Works OK ish, sometimes keys get stuck, and I haven’t quite got the key mappings right, but it works OK for normal use.

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