Is there a magical cure out there or am I lumbered with this for life?

Question: Sorry to trouble you all again but I need more help / advice: As I am not a touch typist my employers have suggested that I should learn to touch type to help alleviate the pain and inflammation in my wrists. I am in two minds as to whether this will help or if it will make matters worse….

I had a 5 minute trial session at the local input-output center 3 days ago and I am still recovering from the exertion of typing properly whilst wearing my splints. Anyone out there who has experienced the same problems as this?  I also started doing yoga over Xmas but have now stopped as I have found that this aggravates my problems even more………so too does swimming which I try to do once a week

I am getting really fed up about all of this and wonder if there is a magical cure out there or am I lumbered with this for life. Any suggestions for lifting this dark veil of depression will be gratefully considered as I have tried lots of different things but no joy so far. I mean, what do you do when you are in so much pain that you can’t think straight or you want a cup of tea yet are unable to lift a kettle without asking for help?

Answer: A lot of useful advice has already been given, but here’s a couple of extra thoughts:

1) Your employers may have suggested learning to touch type as a way of encouraging you to spread the load across all fingers. I tried this initially as my injury is almost entirely in the fingers and hands, but it was too painful/difficult initially. Not sure how it would help a wrist problem. In the end I purchased a Maltron dual handed keyboard in QWERTY layout and this forces one to spread the load onto both hands. After several years of using this I can (almost) touch type although I’ve never set out to do that! Still not cured though and have to limit my typing considerably

2) I also swear by (and occasionally at) Dragon Voice recognition products. Personally I use Dragon Dictate a great deal as well. Although this is an older package and can’t do text dictation very well it is very good at controlling windows and working is excel etc. They are susceptible to noisy environments though, so you may need some screens or other acoustic improvements.

3) I really don’t think you should be typing with your splints on. I wear them around the office to wrest the wrist / hand when it gets bad, but I’m pretty certain that trying to type with them on will cause more damage (I believe by increasing stress in areas around the splint and not allowing the tendons etc to more correctly). Perhaps someone else with more medical knowledge could comment here.

Hope that helps a bit. Try and stay positive. Best wishes,

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