Magnet therapy

Question : My filing lady has just passed me an article torn out of her paper a few days ago – Daily Mail or similar – regarding magnet containing plasters which are meant to be a wonderful thing for RSI and desk-related tension and stress pain caused by ergonomically unsound equipment (their words). They claim 80% effectiveness and controlled trial results for back, head and shoulder pain, and also arthritis and sports injuries. Now I know nothing about these but thought I would pass on the news apparently. Boots do them, Relief-Xtra Magnet Therapy £3.99 for 12 plasters. At that price might be worth a go.

Answer 1: I wear magnets and they’re brill. Don’t know how much they’re helping the RSI, as I was wearing then before I got it, so can’t measure the difference. But help me lots with other aches, and help others with RSI, and I feel that they are helping. If Boots little magnets helped, then I suggest you try stronger ones. There are various companies that do some (with varying degrees of quality, though not so much varying in price!). I recommend Bioflow. If you want to try them, phone Phil on 0115 937 4128. I’ve seen an article in the British osteopathic journal which basically says that it’s not just lots of hocus-pocus, and there is something in it. It increases blood flow, and encourages the body’s natural healing process.

Answer 2: I had an MRI today. Lying on the hard table for 1.5 hours did my back in. I didn’t notice any other effects! – but you never know; and as you say, at that price they’re worth a try.

Answer 3: So what you’re saying is, if it’s got magnetic fields in end costs either £3.99 or 10 million quid it’s got to be good for you! Seriously, one-and-a-half hours are some scan! You must now be feeling very finely sliced indeed. Take all the above with as many pinches of salt as you need.

Answer 4: Do those machines really cost that? I was lucky, I got an NHS appointment for one pretty fast. Especially as they were only scanning my knees! It seems the surgeon asked for both knees to be scanned from 2 different directions. (So it was 4 scan sessions. I think.) I’m feeling relieved! I thought I’d be shut inside a capsule. “Take all the above with as many pinches of salt as you need” You mean MRI‘s don’t work?

Answer 5: Having been rude about magnets I must admit I have been helped greatly by traditional Chinese acupuncture and by Eastern-inspired meditation techniques! I don’t only use orthodox medicine.

Answer 6: One of the things the article I saw said was that where they are placed on the body seems to make a lot of difference as to their efficacy. They say that it’s far more effective if you can “find the source of the pain” and place a plaster there. The journalist woman who wrote the article said that they helped her “RSI pain” (I presume she means in hand/wrist?) but didn’t do a lot for her “less persistent pain” in her upper back – but then admitted she may not have stuck them on in the right place. I have come across the bio flow and similar ones – often bracelets or similar. The point of these is that they are plasters so you can stick them wherever you want – apparently they can be left on in the bath or whilst swimming. I still think a decent chair and desk would help me more but I’m off to Boots anyway.

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