Magnetic bracelet

The problems I had were certainly not as severe as some people, but bad enough to make it difficult for me to carry on working when I was at my worst. I developed RSI in my right hand/arm due to mouse work about a year ago, which after physiotherapy, osteopathy and probably more importantly change of posture/mouse use got better. I then developed even worse problems down my left side which included neck, shoulder, whole arm and wrist. Physiotherapy didn’t seem to improve it although; I think it helped a little. My physiotherapist thought the problem was my thoracic outlet and had probably developed due to years of looking down a microscope at work. It seemed to ease off a bit, and then I had another bout of it (now its 4months since the pain started). My physio suggested acupuncture might be more successful and I waited until I got to a steady level before trying it, so I would know if it was helping. I was not in much pain, as long as I was careful about my posture. However, before I got round to this, a colleague at work said he’d got a magnetic wrist band which had cured the pain he had in his thumb.

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