Magnets for tennis elbow

Question: I am in the process of trying everything to get rid of my tennis elbow. It developed after I left my job for a three month break before looking for another. I spent so much time on the internet. Tonight I go to bed wearing magnets from a company called Maglab. Has anyone had success using this method?

Answer 1:  I have used magnets in the past and to be honest found them to be of no use to me. However I do know a couple of people who swear that the magnets have helped them with their arthritis.

Answer 2:  I have tenosynovitus in my wrists (extending to index and middle finger tendons) from typing. It started 6 months ago. For the past few 3 weeks, I have ‘permanently’ been wearing magnets the size of an earring ‘stud’ at 3 points on each side (wrist, mid radius and ears), which were placed by my acupuncturist and she recommends I keep wearing them. To be honest, I don’t know if they are doing any good, but with physio for my neck, acupuncture and cutting keyboard use from 100% to 5% in the last month, the heat, tingling and pinching has reduced dramatically (but it is still not gone). For me, I feel my wrists will not recover unless I STOP using the keyboard and the rheumatologist has confirmed that this is what is required for a 2 month period (stopping typing is also the cheapest and most effective recovery measure I can take – all these other treatments are costing me a fortune). Naturally, this will impact my future employment prospects/decisions.

Answer 3: Thank you for the information. I have been wearing magnets now on and off for a week. Something has started to shift but I feel more time is needed. I will let you know what happens. Good luck with your various therapies.

Answer 4: Has anyone tried Magnetheropy to help ease pain? There is something called Bioflows. You basically wear magnets on your wrists, or where the pain is and it helps ease off pain a bit. It may be worth a try. Is anyone else trying magnetheropy at the moment? Is it working for you? I must admit that even though I’ve got a magnet on each wrist, the pain is still there, but you never know, the pain may be worse if I don’t wear them. It’s hard to tell sometimes. However, don’t get me wrong! This has worked for people. If you check the site above out and look around it’ll give you details and it proves that it does and has worked! You’ve just to give it time, and a chance. Let me know if you decide to try it if you haven’t done already, and let me know if it’s worked at all. I look forward to your comments.


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