Question: I was taken in by my physiotherapists regarding magnets. It seems they are the hot item in the Northeast US. After expounding ad nauseam every visit about the healing wonders of these magnets, I agreed to purchase a mid price item. (Not cheap!) Anyway, they did nothing. Nothing. It seems that the market is growing for these items; you buy into this particular company and become a “distributor”. Depending on how many of these super magnets you sell, you can attain bonuses such as automobiles, boats, and even luxury homes! So there is certainly an incentive to sell, sell, sell, and we pain sufferers are vulnerable, vulnerable, and vulnerable. What a racket by the Physiotherapists I went to!

Answer 1: I don’t know if anyone here has ever used magnets to help with RSI pain, I haven’t but my dad just had a great deal of success with them. He had hurt his elbow and forearm lifting something (he works in a builder’s yard and stacks timber) and was told by his doctor that he had an inflamed tendon sheath and that he should rest his arm. However his workplace couldn’t relieve him immediately because of holiday staff shortages and he’s far too stubborn to complain (despite my warnings) and in addition to his work, he also goes rock climbing! After hearing from a friend who used them for back and neck pain, he bought some “relief xtra” magnets from boots the chemist, they’re small magnets about the size of a rivet on a pair of jeans and they’re held on by a 1 inch round plaster. He reported no real improvement at first but then he moved one onto a pulse point and within 24 hours the pain totally disappeared, swelling went down and he has regained full movement in his arm. Anyone else had any success with this sort of thing?

Answer 2: I tried those during a bad flare-up and they didn’t work for me. But I have diffuse RSI over a large area so it wasn’t easy to decide where to place them. 

Answer 3: The chap who came to assess my workstation as part of the ‘back to work scheme’ wore one (it was the size of a watch) and he said he’d recommend one for me in his report. I’m willing to try anything, although I have diffuse RSI and so won’t quite know where to start with it. Will let you know how I get on.

Answer 4: From what I heard from my dad, his friend and friend’s wife, pulse points seemed to work the best. Purely anecdotal of course, does anyone know why or how these are supposed to work?

Answer 5: Coincidentally, I’ve just sent off for a pair of wristbands, each with six magnets in. I’ll let you know.

Answer 6: From what I’d heard, it’s supposedly about increasing blood flow to the area, thus aiding the body’s own regenerating powers…. seems to me that fits with pulse points?

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