Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM

I learnt TM a few years ago and found it a great technique. I don’t practice regularly at all because I find it hard to sit still for any length of time and face my own thoughts. Aaaaaah! But I am getting motivated to start again. It is a singularly expensive technique to learn. Books will not give you the technique or the mantras which TM teachers believe have particular significance. I was skeptical about the expense and the exclusiveness but I realise now that the teaching is very important. It is a very simple technique and it is the simplicity that is taught. I am not convinced about the mantra but who knows. It bugs me that to move on and learn more, you need to pay all the more. There is a TM UseNet group but it is more relevant to people who actually belong to the Maharishi movement. Still a great technique and the one used for scientific studies (so far).

Comment: Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s TM movement has been around for over 35 years, and it has established a very solid reputation of being a purely non-profit organisation. The prize is low compared considering the now very strong evidence showing that regular practice of TM causes a very profound and valuable development of the individual that according to the scientific results is not comparable to anything else available. I have practiced it since 23 years and would have been prepared to pay many times more than I did because of the all the time growing benefits I have experienced in all fields of life. As a doctor I have recommended it to many patients and have seen remarkable results in amazingly short time – for example chronic depressions, anxiety states and stress burnout conditions healing within a few months. I have even had patients with chronic recurring psychosis who have become mentally perfectly healthy.

I want to mention just one example of a research study that I had the opportunity to follow closely. It was done by the Swedish Military Psychology Institute on Air Force pilots and candidates for pilot training. A test was used that had proven to be a superior means for selecting mentally stable pilot trainees. It is called Defense Mechanism Test (DMT) and has a powerful ability to detect hidden personality disturbances that cause a tendency to react with stress and anxiety or panic in threatening situations. The disturbances that cause such tendencies are according to massive psychological experience deeply rooted in the personality and take many years of psychotherapy to cure.

The Airforce formerly had to discard about 75% of the pilot trainees during the training period because they revealed stress and panic tendencies under demanding flight conditions. This was because the common psychological tests had not been able to reveal such tendencies. But since the introduction of DMT 20 years ago, not any single pilot has dropped out because of stress sensitivity. The effects of TM was tested on 5 pilots and 8 pilot trainees who had high scores on the test indicating strong deep rooted disturbances. After one year, the scores had improved by 50% which is extremely remarkable as, according to the developer of the test it takes several years (10-15 or more) to achieve similar results with the best psychotherapies.

DMT also shows that very few modern people are profoundly healthy mentally. Almost none of the Swedish Airforce Pilots come from urban stressful life. They all have grown in stable harmonious unbroken homes on the countryside. The people with high scores are often not aware of their disturbances and their behaviour is perfectly normal. It is only under highly stressful conditions that these disturbances become obvious. But still they consciously or unconsciously disturb the psychological functioning creating insecurity, tensions, anxiety and stress proneness etc. The DMT research results indicate that TM has a very powerful healing effect even on the deepest mental scars and stresses that we have accumulated in our civilized life that is quite traumatic. These results coincide with many other studies that show the same effects with various methods. So TM is indeed a technique worth its price. TM has to be learnt personally. There are centers in many larger cities that you may find in the phone book. For England there is national headquarter in Mentmore, that can inform about the closest center. The telephone number is: 1296661715.

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