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Many e-mail packages now have mail filtering which can be set up to move incoming mail to other places. As I now belong to four different discussion lists, as well as ordinary ‘real’ work (!) I have now got this down to a fine art! You wrote: “This sounds a good idea – does anyone know if I can put these mailings directly into a separate folder using Eudora Light please?” – It depends which version of Eudora Light you have. Anything earlier than 3.1 did not have filtering available. However for Eudora Light 3.1, you need to choose Special, Filters. Under the heading ‘Match’, out of the first 3 options click ‘Incoming’ and ‘Manual’. Under ‘Header’ choose ‘To:’ Under that is a multi choice box with ‘contains’, ‘does not contain’, ‘starts with’, ‘ends with’, and other similar things. Choose ‘contains’ and in the box next to it type the RSI-UK list address as it appears in your incoming mails (copy and paste is a good way of getting it accurate!)

Now move down the heading ‘Action’. Click the first multi-choice box, and choose ‘transfer to’. Click the box next to it and you will be asked to choose a mail box from the ‘transfer’ menu across the top of the screen. Choose which mail box you want the mail to be transferred into. That’s it! You don’t even have to click OK or anything like that – just close the box. What you’ve effectively told the programme is that any mail that has the RSI-UK address in the To: box should be transferred to this mailbox. One tip I found helpful is to have 2 boxes: one for RSI unread, and one for RSI mail you wish to keep. Apologies if you know a lot of this. I do hope it’s helpful. I can also provide instructions for Pegasus filtering and Microsoft Express filtering if anyone needs to know. BTW I want to know what everyone has to say. Even if I don’t post much, it’s really good to know there are other people out there.

Comment 1: Mail filtering rules for Pegasus mail would be very helpful.

Comment 2: The following is for Pegasus v3.0/32, windows 95/NT. Although I’ve used earlier versions than the 32-bit, I can’t remember how it was done! But it will be pretty similar. But for v3.0/32: click Tools, Mail filtering rules, Edit new mail filtering rules, Rules applied when folder is opened. Across the top of the box will be a set of buttons: Save, Help, Edit, Add, Erase, Cancel Choose add Type of rule: is a ‘standard header match’ (choose this from the dropdown list) “This rule triggers when the following text:” in the box type the RSI UK address (copy and paste for accuracy!!) DO NOT check the box that says ‘message field must match this text exactly’. Next is a set of check boxes: ‘Appears in any of the following fields’. I found it helpful to check ‘to’, ‘reply to’ and ‘cc’ … just in case! DO NOT check the box that says ‘trigger only if the text does not occur in these fields’. Now we’ve identified the messages we want to take action on, we need to tell it what to do with them.

“What to do when the rule is triggered:” ‘Action to take:’ use dropdown multi choice and choose ‘move’. The next bit ‘Parameter:’ is a bit confusing – what it’s really asking is where you want the message moved to….. if the box doesn’t pop up automatically, choose the box in the bottom right marked ‘set’. Now choose the folder you wish to move the incoming mail into. Hope this helps. If you get stuck try clicking ‘help’ – often clear as mud, but you never know!

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