Maltron or Microsoft keyboard

As someone said earlier, what is best for one set of circumstances doesn’t always work in others. Just to add, then, that I found the Maltron keyboard very useful and was advised when I switched to the Microsoft keyboard that it is designed for prevention rather than cure. But for me the Microsoft one is better as I often have to work entering data from lists and need to use one hand as a marker for the list, using the other to enter the letters associated with the data (usually codes, three letters, and four numbers sort of thing). It is impossible to use all the keys on the Maltron keyboard with one hand because of the shape of it.

Comment 1: Yes, I quite agree, for entering that sort of info the Maltron is a pain but I keep an ordinary keyboard next to my computer so that should I need to do this sort of work, which thankfully is rare, I can switch keyboards for a while.

Comment 2: I use a Maltron, provided courtesy of the Access to Work team. It is a massive help and allows me to do approx. 50% more work than on a standard one. I know you can’t get it for free but you’ll find if you ring the company they are very happy to chat about the lending arrangement (where you rent it and get that money back if you buy) and they’re nice people, smallish local company, which is nice to support.

Comment 3: Please note that if you consider purchasing/hiring one of these Maltron keyboards they don’t work very well with a Compaq computer. I have been having all sorts of problems recently (since changing computers for a more powerful one) and my keyboard apparently needs an ‘update chip’ (for want of a better phrase) to enable it to work with this machine. Make sure you state what type of machine you are going to be using the keyboard on so that the correct chips are installed. This company are VERY helpful.

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