Question: Do you find that generally speaking, your symptoms ease off the more active you become? I know that when I am moving around a lot, whether it’s running around with children in a playing field, or tearing around at work, bouncing up the stairs two at a time, that I feel more relaxed, invigorated, and ‘normal’ (if I can accurately remember what that feels like – I *think* I can). Doing the exercise out in cold weather can make the benefits take longer to be noticed, though. I assume most people on the list, who are otherwise more or less steady on their pins and fit, feel better when they do the same?

Answer 1: Definitely, the fitter I am the smaller the effects of the RSI. On the other hand, my RSI does prevent me from doing more of some of things I would like to do, cycling and some aspects of yoga being two examples I can think of right now. I have ceased to regard gardening and doing DIY jobs has being a source of fitness. These are the sort of things that tend to cause flare-ups and have to be paced very carefully.

Answer 2: Hmmmm, so how far d’you reckon you’ll run?

Answer 3: All the way I hope! Sorry I’m being addressed. Well I’m following a Runner’s World training schedule so I *should* make the distance. I’m aiming for a time of 3:45. The legs might give up before I want to. They were stiffening up nicely on today’s 9-miler.

Answer 4: Rather you than me! Let us all know how you do (when is it and how far?) Relevant cheques to you at your address below, I presume?

Answer 5: Yes please! Made payable to Marie Curie Cancer Care if you are so inclined. Please state that you are willing to participate in Gift Aid (a tax wheeze so you have to be paying income tax for this to help). Like all marathons it is 26.2 miles and this one is on the 22nd of April. To continue the narrative, today’s stiff legs are the result of yesterday’s “short” training run, a half-marathon round my town – most organised events having been cancelled due to Foot and Mouth. Since it was chilly yesterday the arms felt especially cold, at least in the first few miles. Since this bears some relation to my condition it’s the part of this tale that (hopefully) permits its inclusion in this list.

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