Mice and me

Question: I’ve used different brands of mice  and tracker balls , plus pen-type mice . I try to use keyboard shortcuts, etc, but can’t fully get away from the plastic rodent.  I would like to find an alternative to the mice, but it has to give me accurate control for drawing programs in particular.Can anyone offer any sources of possible inspiration?

Answer 1: I’ve heard that the Wacom Graphire is a good alternative for ‘drawing’ packages (graphics tablet, rather than mouse). I haven’t seen it in use myself, but I’m sure I’ve seen reviews on various sites for it. If you can’t find anything, let me know and I’ll try and find out where I saw it.

Answer 2: We’ve got the A6 wacom graphics tablet at home, and you can use the pen as a mouse _most_ of the time (takes a bit of getting used to). However, I think I’m right in saying that not all applications recognize it. Someone else might be able to confirm this. Art Attack is the only application we’ve got where I’ve noticed this – you might be able to live without it! It gets particularly tricky when you realize your children are interfering by messing with the normal mouse at the same time.

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