I think the mouse is the culprit in my neck and shoulder

Question: From ABC NEWS ( I am not affiliated with this group at all) regarding mouse usage:  The url is at:  http://archive.abcnews.com/sections/living/mice1117/index.html  This URL is current as of 8/19/98. I think the mouse is the culprit in my neck and shoulder. Currently trying a CIRQUE Glide point

Answer 1: Definitely interesting,This is one of the best balanced and informative articles yet and struck several cords with me e.g. the speed that tension sets in and effect on blood flow. Is the article published in Ergonomics available on the Net or could an extract be posted?

Answer 2: The mouse is definitely the culprit in my case, but physio and neck exercises have cured (I hope permanently) the pain in neck and right shoulder. What remains is deep-seated pain in right lower arm, now referred to hospital.  Hope you do OK with the Glide point, I gave up after about two weeks use with Microsoft applications because of general frustration with the following:  it created a different sort of tension due to difficulty in quick, accurate positioning (although rolling finger tip helps);  the buttons are not ergonomically placed, needing pressure from side of thumb;  sensitivity to tapping often produced wrong actions in the MS application.

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