My partner is a Macintosh based graphic designer who came down with RSI

My partner is a Macintosh based graphic designer who came down with RSI a year and a half ago. Her pain became severe and she wasn’t able to work for 5 months because we didn’t catch it in time. Eventually we managed to improve and control most of her symptoms and she is happily backed at work, with a promotion! We used a ‘multidisciplinary’ approach, trying many non-invasive treatments and technical solutions to her ‘AMT’-like RSI.

The most helpful include:
* Professional Ergonomic assessment and changes to her workstation (by Craig Simmons).
* Power secretary voice recognition software which can run her Mac including QuarkXPress and System (From Voice Works in London).
* Deep tissue massage, daily icing of her arms, Neural Stretching Exercises from physiotherapy, jogging, Alexander Technique and Acupuncture.

The massage, Alexander and Acupuncture were on the LETS system, which is an organized bartering system running in many parts of the country. The advantage of LETS is that you can get these therapies without having to use cash. Unfortunately, doctors weren’t very helpful (gave her anti-inflammatory and told her to go back to work). One did however; get her a good physiotherapist which helped. Power secretary is your best and only option for the Mac.

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