Myotherapy a.k.a Trigger Point Therapy

Question: Has anyone tried Myotherapy (by Bonnie Prudden) aka Trigger Point Therapy? If so, have you had good results with it?

Answer 1: I suppose that’s what one of my therapist tried but I didn’t find that it helped me but, as I understand it, there are all forms of RSI and mine affects me now only when I’m working at computer and on top of my left hand.

Answer 2: If you have trigger points it works wonders. BUT you must also improve your posture and stretch the affected muscles to stop them coming back.


Myotherapy a.k.a Trigger Point Therapy — 1 Comment

  1. Under myotherapy treatment due extreme pain in sholuders, arms elbows and wrist due to heavy useage of keyboard and perhaps aggravated by diabetes. Treatment 80 % over and feel positive and happy eith trestment. Long term yoga & pranayama practitioner.

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