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Question: Not sure whether it’s a really good idea to give you exercises as I understand it is an individual thing but at the risk of maiming you more than you are at the moment here goes.

Neck stretches.Tuck chin in and roll head forward until your chin meets your chest (feel the stretch in the top middle of your shoulders and all the way to the middle of your back). At first I did these rather lamely but you really need to stretch hard and keep stretched for about 30 seconds. Then turn head so that you can feel all the muscles at the top back of your shoulder stretch and then the sides. Most importantly take your time over this and really feel the pull. Good book on this is ‘Treat your own Neck’.

Answer:  Could I have more info on the Treat your own Neck book please.

A physio I saw this week said that looking after my neck (e.g. not sleeping on stomach as it twists neck) was really the key to resolving a lot of my problems. Also we discussed touch typing, which I do, as opposed to his poking with 2 fingers which he does (he carries out assessments for insurers and uses his PC a lot to input data) – and he says that poking is definitely less stressful on the hands etc – so just thought I’d add that into the current discussion.

I entirely agree with comments that learning to touch type will only increase the trauma to your hands and I would avoid it all costs. One more thing – whenever I can, I beg an arm massage from any willing volunteer, and I have to say the benefits have been very noticeable. I might be a little sore the following day, but the day after I feel great! You need a minimum of 10 mins on each arm to get the endorphins activated and doing their job.

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