Neck & Head Pain, any Ideas?

Question:  I still think the bit about what happens if you ask for a rethink is pretty disgusting and when the doctor has been and I have a decision (!)  I’ll take up the matter of the wording; the “less money or none” and the “such other information as we may have”. — it reeks of, well, we all know of what it reeks… “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” kinda thing?

Hmmmmmm!! Well, you’ve asked! Actually, I was going to write to the list again for any ideas: At the beginning of this year I had an excruciating pain in the LH side of head – went for manipulation & had neck “clicked” -repeated this once again. I saw my orthopedic specialist in March – explained what had happened & that I still had a numb pain – he said “it takes a while for effects of manipulation to wear off”. OK, end to that. Only it isn’t.

All day I have an ache in my head: sides & back – not too bad, i.e. livable with. Now my neck is beginning to ache. At night, however, as soon as I lay my head down the pain starts, I turn over, the pain changes to the side I am laying on. I’ve put up with it so far, but the other night it got really bad & I ended up in tears at 3 in the morning! It’s not the same pain I had at the beginning, but feels as if my (sorry for this) brain is moving & pressing on my skull each way I lay!! Previous to this I have had a total of 3 cortisone injections in left shoulder (2 by GP, which didn’t work & 1 by Ortho Spec that did), now left shoulder is locked (some movement, but not full) – tendonitis in shoulder rotator cuff. I don’t know whether it could be arthritis or ….. is it possible to get tendonitis or tenosynovitis (I have in both arms) in your head?

I know I should see someone, but whether my GP or phone Or.Sp. sec & get an earlier appointment (I should see him next March) – I don’t know quite what to do as I don’t particularly want any more cortisone injections – total of 8 so far:3 shoulder, 1 knee (arthritis) & 4 fingers. (Is there a limit to these jabs?) My back had also become very weak & aches 90% of the time – could this have anything to do with it? Obviously something’s got to be done as I am now back losing more sleep. I have left it this long thinking it may go away (like an attack of arthritis I had for 2 months this summer in my (don’t laugh) big toe! It hasn’t which is why I’m thinking along the lines of tendons.

 Has anyone any ideas or had this kind of pain? I’m away at the coast from tomorrow (Sunday) to next Sunday, so will log on tonight, tomorrow morning & as soon as I get home next week. Any ideas will be most gratefully received.

Answer:  I managed to get an appt. yesterday with “a” GP (on the same day!!) Well, am I lucky or what?He was totally human, not dismissive (as the others in the practice have been) & did not squirm when I mentioned the phrase “RSI” (adding that I realised docs didn’t like this phrase much). After explaining my probs. He immediately suggested an X-RAY – now awaiting appointment. Suggested it may be…. (sorry, can’t remember the suspected diagnosis, but have heard of it before from other RSI list writers), don’t think it’s on the Industrial Injuries list though.

Anyway, after X-ray – back to see him. Asked about a physiotherapist for advice on mattresses, pillows & Alexander Technique: he look surprised that I wasn’t constantly under a physio now, but assured me, on results of X-Ray, etc., that he would get me to a physio who could help with a Tech. I did mention to him about the RSI list, so maybe ……..I just hope all this works out. I also hope, in a way, that the X-Ray shows nothing!!

Apparently it would be from just below the “lump” at the base of the neck upwards.I did ask if I could have a complete back X-r, but he stated that those are 50 times more powerful than, say, a chest X-r & maybe we should see the result of the first! Agreed.This appointment was at 5.15pm in the evening & the guy was still smiling!!! All for now & thanks for replies, will report further, as & when any info!

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