Neck and Head Pain

Question: Some of you may remember the trouble I’m having with neck & head pain. X-Ray was taken. GP diagnosed “minor spondolitic change” & gave me the phone no. of a private physio. I would have to wait 6 months for a NHS physio. I’m seeing orthopedic specialist in March, so I have done nothing until I take his advice – if he thinks I need some form of physio, I’ll let him sort it.
Don’t get me wrong the GP is very human, but I do like a second opinion these days, together with advice! The GP told me that some get pain & others don’t – well “I got pain”! & it doesn’t feel “minor”, but after all this time I suppose I’m getting used to it? I now find, with left shoulder already permanently fixed with tendonitis, that my right shoulder (the right side of head & neck are most painful) is beginning to burn & my hands are becoming numb at times. After 12 years I would have thought I would be improving – hey ho! Maybe I should get rid of this home computer?!! The main trouble is that it now affects me more during the day, at first it was only at night. Roll on March for the final diagnosis!!! I found a book on the Alexander Technique (in Safeways of all places!!) & will put this into practice. Maybe I won’t have to pay for a physio afterall!!

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