Neck / Wrist Pain and Spondylitis

Question:  Hello everybody. I have recently joined this group on 1st-Jan-2001. Visiting this site I found that I am not alone who is facing this kind of problem. It will be interesting to share one’s experience with each other.

Anybody with problem or solution to it are welcome to share their experience. I am working as computer programmer for last 11 years. Since last 4 years I started getting pain in my neck & the same was diagnosed as cervical spondylitis. Right now I am having pain in my wrist, shoulder and tingling sensation in both arms. I went through various therapy, but with very little benefit. Right now I am taking acupuncture treatment. Can anyone help me or show me a way out how to cope with such kind of problem?

Answer 1:  Cervical spondylitis is a really painful condition but not dangerous. There has always been some dispute about what it is: the web page I’m sending you to says it’s a degenerative condition, and some people call it a form of arthritis, but there are doctors here who think it’s a disc condition. As you’ll see from the web page, it’s also a kind of RSI.

Can anyone help me or show me a way out how to cope with such kind of problem? I had this, but it didn’t spread beyond my neck and shoulders. (I probably hadn’t done all that much typing then, certainly nowhere near as much as when I got RSI.) So I can suggest something helpful if you haven’t already tried it: see an osteopath or a chiropractor, preferably one who is also an “orthodox” doctor. A doctor who is also an osteopath cured mine, it just went away. Your condition has spread further, or perhaps you have more than one? I suggest following all the usual advice for RSI but also looking into treatments for arthritis (if an osteopath can’t help)

good luck — I still remember that pain

Answer 2:  I have cervical problems and I am also a computer programmer/accountant.  I worked for 7 years as a computer programmer and for the last 13 years as an accountant, (with some programming duties).

Answer 3:  I have cervical spondylitis – the disc in my cervical spine at C6/7 is slightly out of alignment and causes me pain. I have had to retrain – I worked as a secretary and too much typing and sitting didn’t help. So I went to university, graduated last year and am now working at something different.Too much typing/computer work aggravates the condition. You must cut down on computer work a lot, take breaks or change jobs if possible.

The condition must be managed because it is probable that it will get worse as you get older. That is what I have been told. Take pain killers when the pain is bad. At the end of the day you must learn how to manage the condition. I took books out of my local library on pain management and they have helped me enormously. Gentle swimming can help; back stroke is good.

As regards the tingling in the arms, I still do have this but it does not cause me too much problem. However, when it was bad and affected my fingers, I had physiotherapy and neck traction to release the nerve that was being compressed. I see an Osteopath who also helps me manage the pain. Hope this information is of help to you.

Answer 4:  Spondylitis and spondylosis are very different conditions. I am really sorry to hear you have spondylosis. Spondylitis is no fun but spondylosis is worse, a lot worse…

Answer 5:  Why is spondylosis worse?

Answer 6: Thanks for concern. You said Spondylitis and spondylosis are very different conditions. Can U please tell me what is basic difference between two. This is just to increase my knowledge on subject and I can work on it in better way.

Answer 7: I seem to have answered this off-list — as I intended –without also sending a reply to the list (also intended). Sorry. I’m also sorry about the blunt and slightly unhelpful nature of my post.

I am particularly concerned that I might have given the idea that I was “sorry” for her in some patronizing way or thought her doctors were wrong and the condition would definitely worsen. I was working too hard yesterday. Also, I have a leg/knee problem I may need to refer to the List — I’m waiting for X-Ray results — more importantly and relevantly to my post, it is getting me down. 🙁 :-(, !

Finally I thought I’d best say what I imagine you all know anyway, I’m not a doctor

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