Nerve Conductivity Test

Question: I wonder if this is worth saying as it isn’t very encouraging, but anyway…. I had nerve conduction tests done several months ago at St Albans City hospital and it was a farce. The doctor carrying out the tests was learning how to do them and had no idea how much current to use, with the result that I nearly went through the ceiling each time he turned the machine on. At almost the end of the test the ‘expert’ came in and pointed out all the things that he was doing wrongly! When I reported back to my GP she offered to send me elsewhere to have the tests done again, but I couldn’t face the thought and did not bother. It sounds as though it would have been a waste of time anyway, from what people have been saying. Being the guinea pig for new techniques in torture has never appealed to me! I should say that the physio, on the other hand (!), at the same hospital was very helpful.

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