Nerves and RSI

Question:  So now we know that it is nerve damage, what do we know about if it is treatable or reversible. My cousin who is a doctor says not much can be done when nerves are damaged, it’s like if they were dead they could grow (like 3mm a year or something). Some reports I have read  say that the threshold at which nerves experience pain can be altered by  vigorous exercise.

Answer: I have followed this newsgroup for quite some time. My early comments suggested to the group that rsi was largely myofascial pain. More recently other contributors have discussed their success with myofascial release and stretching treatments for rsi. Myofascial trigger points generate localized pain, and referred pain patterns that the brain interprets as numbness, tingling, burning, and pain. I urge you all to learn more about myofascial pain and how it is treated with stretching, myofascial release, vapo-coolant spray and stretch, and trigger point injections–with local anesthetics and not cortisone.

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