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Question: What I might have (two types of tenosynovitis – not so good) at least I’ll be able to test my GP and any physio s/he recommends! Also has anyone any experience with using a trackball instead of a mouse?

Answer:  I use a Kensington Expert Mouse trackball, which I find to be so much more comfortable than a mouse. You can use it with both hands if you need to – one to move the ball and the other to click. I quite often sit with it resting in my lap rather than on the desk. It’s also easy to use with the flat of the hand instead of the fingers. I got it when the local education authority provided my dyslexic sister with a computer to help with her degree course – my father enquired about trackballs from the firm who supplied the computer, and the Kensington one was the ball provided. I think it cost £70 -£80. as I can’t type all that much and like to surf the net, it’s been a great help.
I notice from the base of the ball that Kensington are a US company, but I’m sure the attachments must be fairly easily available. Unfortunately I can’t get to the original packaging as Dad’s put it all in the loft! There is a website address on the booklet, though –

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