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Question:  Hi, I’ve been going through the diagnostic maze since first noticing symptoms in February, although I now realise that I’ve been feeling symptoms on and off and warning signs for a couple of years. I’m a computer programmer so this makes my life hell! Chuckle, as if it wasn’t the same for every one of you. I’m currently signed off whilst undergoing some intensive physio but my employer is less than sympathetic calling me at home and putting pressure on me to get the doctor to sign me back fit for work before my current sick note runs out (only this Friday!). I’m not asking anyone for any legal advice although if you do know of any places I can go and read stuff up I’d be grateful. I’ve arranged via the law society for one of these free consultations with a solicitor in my area who has dealt with RSI in the past to see if what my options are, what my employer can and can’t do…
blah, blah. Not being paid is my major concern as I am single with a mortgage etc. The only REALLY GOOD thing out of all this is my GP and my Physio both are adamant that my RSI is work related. Hurrah! Possibly both CTS and Tendonitis, as I don’t have classic CTS symptoms. Anyway, my hand is getting bad. Anyone got any advice, tips, knowledge they can share?

Answer 1:  I’m just wondering what your symptoms were.

Answer 2:  I’m not asking anyone for any legal advice although if you do know of any places I can go and read stuff up I’d be grateful. The rsi-uk web site as a useful article, written by Graham Ross, on the legal side of things.

Answer 3:  Pins and needles, tingling and dragging and ‘lacerating pains’ in the fingers of my left hand. As if something is too tight, can’t straighten them, have to keep the hand ‘clawed’, especially the forefinger and middle finger. Very tight feeling across my wrist/palm area as if an elastic band was too tight. Burning feeling up my inner forearm. Tightness and dragging across my palm from the wrist to the fingers. Symptoms at their worst if it type or use a mouse (i’m left handed or when I reach the hand/arm out also when I lift the hand via the elbow upwards. Wrist aches if I use it or the hand and only feels better by rubbing, warmth and total rest in a sling. Lifting, opening jars, cleaning my teeth, washing my hair and similar activities are all starting to bring on worse symptoms now. Physio tried manipulation and stretches and Laser but apart from easing the pins and needles certain it’s work related so is my GP. Also the H&S inspector I had who did an inspection of my workstation once I’d started having to take time off work. I asked for a copy of the report but didn’t get one. Am never symptom free but am at my best if I don’t use a computer at all. Sigh.
Also when sat at workstation I am now much more aware of my neck, shoulders etc. and if I sit there for more than 10 plus minutes I start to get very stiff and very sore there too. Especially my neck. I had neck x-rays but they said no bony damage. Does that help?

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