New Jobs – Don’t Do It

This is going to sound awfully negative but my advice would be that if you are currently in a job, stay in it. My experience of job hunting with RSI was that even if you get offered a position, companies are so scared of being sued by RSI sufferers that the moment they find out what you’ve got they’ll withdraw the offer or make you take a medical and then fail you (that’s what happened to me). Perhaps smaller employers might be less blinkered. In any case it isn’t worth covering up or lying because if you did and you ever got found out, they’d have a strong case for instant dismissal. Why not ask a recruitment agent’s advice? I would agree anyhow that it is well worth contacting PACT now and even registering disabled. The other option is to go self employed – that’s what I ended up having to do and then your hands aren’t anyone’s legal responsibility except your own.

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