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Question:  I am a new member of this mailing list. I need some advice and help from other members of this list. I was diagnosed with severe de quervain’s tenosynovitis in my right hand at the end of May 2001. This was  the most severe case that my rheumatologist and physiotherapist and GP have ever seen. I have received two steroid injections into the  hand. Around the end of June, I developed tenosynovitis in my left hand and received a steroid injection into the hand and one into my thigh.
About seven weeks ago, I had an operation to release the constriction of the tendon sheath in my right hand. Two weeks ago, I had a similar operation in my left hand.
I am still experiencing considerable pain in both hands although it’s more pronounced on my right hand. Since the second  operation, I have shaky fingers in my right hand and a pounding head. Is there any advice that anyone can give me. In particular, can anyone recommend any specialists who specialise in tenosynovitis in London. I am very desperate as I am unable to eat properly, use the computer, write.Hope that someone out there can help.

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