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Question:  I have been away from work for now 13 weeks with tendonitis caused through huge amounts continuous letter opening and date stamping over a 2 year period. Have struggled to get recognition that job was causing this and on returning to work, I am to operate an automated machine. After commenting upon my right arm and right shoulder to my supervisor in conversation, they took no action. Sometime later I asked my superiors to send me to the Occupational Health Department who recognised that I was doing damage to myself and recommended the purchase of an automated machine to undertake these duties. Prior to sending me to Occupational Health, my superiors undertook a “Risk Assessment” of the job and suggested that I alternate the use of my right hand with my left. Consequently, I had a right shoulder, right arm and left arm problem with loss of grip in my right hand and pain shooting up my right arm. My left arm became affected also with soreness in the crease of the elbow on both arms. However, I am still not 100% fit and still have pain in my left arm.
I have been receiving treatment from a NHS physiotherapist whose diagnosis is “damage to the neural tissue in both arms”. Treatment is mobilization of internal tissue by leg exercises, acupuncture and mobilization of my right arm and legs.My sick notes now say “tendonitis”. Is this classed as RSI? – if so, can I claim industrial injury benefit if it does not clear up? I am receiving full pay from my employers at present but this is only for six months?

Answer:  Try Contacting your local Job Centre and ask to speak to the Disability Employment Advisor to find out if you fall into the category of people they can help. If so they will attend your work place and do an assessment plus put in their recommendations. Others on this list have tried it with varying degrees of success, I believe. As regards Tendonitis being an Industrial Injury, I believe not but Tenosynovitis is.

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