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Question:  I have been a floral designer off and on for about 20 yrs. I underwent surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome in July of this year. Both hands were operated on. I experienced relief from the pain, other than the pain from recovering from the surgery. I have returned to work, after physical therapy, at 10 weeks post op. I am experiencing some level of pain again and numbness. The physical therapist said that only 5% of patients are unable to return to work after surgery. The surgeon, on my last visit said that I may have to find a new occupation, or a rich husband! I have to much invested in both to switch now. What kinds of occupations are out there for people with RSI? I am a very talented and creative person, with my hands, but have difficulty in other areas as I also have attention deficit disorder.
I always joked that if I ever had to rely on my brain to make a living I’d be in trouble! Well it’s not just a joke any longer. I guess  I’m really frustrated at this point, I don’t want to give up my job, but I’m afraid if I keep using my hands at some point I will be back where I started before surgery. And I couldn’t deal with that level of pain again. I’m open for any suggestions or feedback.

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