New Rules on Legal Aid and Personal Injury

Question:  Has anyone out there any news on the new rules about Legal Aid being withdrawn for personal injury cases and that rsi sufferer will find these cases difficult to pursue. Am I right in thinking lawyers will have to take on personal injury cases on a contingency or no win no fee basis? Any information on this new ruling which seems to have snuck in would be appreciated.

Answer:  This will lead you to a piece on it, and here are a couple of extracts:
But the changes also mean that people wishing to sue for compensation after an accident will no longer be able to get legal aid.Instead, they will have to find solicitors to represent them on a “no win, no fee” basis. (Robert Sayer, President of the Law Society, said this):”The abolition of legal aid in personal injury cases could be a charter for negligent bosses, careless drivers and cowboy traders.”

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