New Subscribers and Shoulders

There have been several new subscribers of late who are suffering from painful shoulders. My advice to them is that most of the problems are caused by bad posture, all the people i have met with shoulder pain have rounded shoulders, the more rounded the shoulder the worse the pain. This can also cause or make worse the pain in the arms. I speak from personal experience! The best way to improve your posture is to see a physio who has an interest in posture or an Alexander Technique Teacher. Either will re-educate you so your posture improves and the pain will be reduced or even go completely.
When you are first diagnosed with RSI please find a good physio who has knowledge of treating RSI, especially knowledge of ‘Adverse Neural Tension’ (see the FAQ) they will do you more good than any number of steroid injections or Carpal Tunnel operations.

Answer:  I agree it makes sense for people with RSI to see a physio who specialises in AMT/ANT even if the result of a long examination is a statement that they haven’t got it, and physio. will be no use. But then my physio. assessment was paid for by PACT, and I already had a diagnosis of De Quervain’s.I do think, Doug, that it has to be accepted that some of us don’t have bad posture shoulder problems, we have De Quervain’s tenosynovitis or carpal tunnel. Their causes are well known, De Quervain’s in particular. It doesn’t make much sense to have an operation for De Quervain’s as the adhesions can grow back again. Cortisone might well have helped me earlier on, it is too late for it to be of any use now.
A note to people with shoulder problems, that is, serious ones, not my bad posture ones 😉 [my shoulders ache sometimes]: shoulder problems are very difficult to diagnose correctly, but there is much that can be done for them. There are times when cortisone is the answer. No-one will offer you a carpal tunnel release operation if you have a shoulder problem, so don’t worry about that.

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