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Question:  I’m new to this list, having suffered for the last three months from painin neck, shoulders and forearms. After some time off sick and a lot of osteopathy and acupuncture, I have some improvement, and my employers have provided a better chair, and a stand, monitor, keyboard and mouse for my laptop. Now I’m back at work, my GP and osteopath are being asked for a medical report to suggest how injury should be avoided in future. My GP will probably carry more weight than the osteopath, but knows less about my condition, and has only talked to me, not examined me. Getting the right advice is important because my job involves, consultancyy,hot-desking and potentially a high mileage. One of the most difficult aspect of all this for me is that I’m trained as an ergonomist, and although I specialise in software design and not office ergonomics, I know enough to understand the risks in my environment – unfortunately I could not get the problems fixed in time to prevent my own injury, which developed after only two weeks.  Does anyone know of a ‘medical’ specialist with a track record in RSI advice, working in the midlands area, or how I can find one?

Answer:  Here’s the name of by far the best specialist in the Midlands
Dr Christopher Marguerie (Consultant Physician & Rheumatologist) NHS Clinic South Warwickshire Hospital, Lakin Road, Warwick, Tel: 01926 495321 (GP or Consultant referral only)
Private Clinic Warwickshire Nuffield Hospital, The Chase, Old Milverton Lane, Leamington Spa CV32 6RW, Tel: 01926 427971

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