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Question:  Hi I’m new to the list and have been suffering with pretty much constant pain in my right hand, wrist & base on thumb since 11/99. I have been working on computers for the last 4 years. I used to get occasional pain in my right wrist/hand in the evenings – 3or4 hours after work, I did not realise what this was a warning for RSI (if only I’d know!) I would sometimes feel pain while typing/using the mouse etc. but this would go away when I stopped. Then in November during a particular busy period at work, I found that the pain stopped going away.
At worst the pain would be in my wrist, along fingers (index and middle), base of thumb, up my arm and right side of my neck. In my wrist hand and thumb the pain was a dull pain like a tooth ache when resting and a sharp stabbing pain with tingling during typing/mousing. In my arm and neck were shooting pains that travelled up from my wrist while working. This is when I went to the doctor. I was told to take 2 weeks of work, rest it and take ibuprofen. This did not help. He sent me to a Physio – after 8 sessions there was no improvement – tried ultra sound , mega pulse and something that sent little electric shocks up my arm (this made it worse!). Was given wrist brace to ware at night (this helps me sleep) and when working.
My doctor stopped me seeing her and then tried Diclofenac (sorry not sure of spelling) this had very little effect. He then agreed to refer me to a consultant (Rumertologist) and prescribed preservex (which helps a little) At this point my work agreed to pay for physio – worked on my posture, back & neck using massage Acuputure and ultra sound. Had my desk re organised, my desk lowered, a new
head set phone, upright mouse that you use your thumb to click rather than fingers, and desk extension to give more keyboard space. When I eventually saw the consultant at the end of May he said I had RSI (as if I didn’t know!) and suggested more Physio. I saw the Physio recommend by him up until last week when he (the physio) decided that he could not help me. I have finally been given VR software (IBM Via Voice Pro 2000) but this only works on 50% of my applications. I’m back at the Consultant next week. Any ideas where to go from here, what should I ask for? I work in London and live in Dagenham.

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